Bachelor of Science / Physics

Illinois Instute of Techology - Chicago, IL | 2013 - 2017

Minor in Philosophy.

Courses include: PHYS 100, 123, 251, 221, 223, 240, 300, 304, 348, CS 105, MATH 152, 251, 252, 474, 251

Courses involved: collecting and analyzing data on a wide variety of natural phenomenon such as nuclear decay, electromagnetism, optics, classical and quantum mechanics, and generating equations and algorithms to process large amounts of data, and creating user interfaces and visuals to better interact with systems and data.

Interdisciplinary project:

IPRO 497: Worked on a team to investigate the possibility of using muons to image cargo for nuclear material. Collected, analyzed, and presented data on the type and size of common cargo, as well as the general public's awareness of and opinions on the issue itself.

Activities and Societies: 

QED: The Ethical Debaters - Treasurer (1 year) and President (1 year)

33rd Street Productions - Actor (4 shows), writer (2 shows), director (1 show) and '2sense' Improv Chair (2 years)

WIIT 88.9 FM Chicago - Program Director (1 year), Events Director (1/2 year), and DJ (3 years)

Union Board - Lead Programmer (2 years)

Writers at Illinois Tech (WAIT) - Treasurer (1 year)

Society of Physics Students - Member